SBQ - June 7 2006


The first request comes from Vash who is requesting pictures of the back of your stitching… are you brave enough to give this one a shot?

Well, I don't have a digital camera, so I don't have so much images of the back of my works.
Only have one image of my back and they are good because there are little projects.
If I could show the back of Mystic Stitch' Flower Peddler you will be scared!!


I will scan the others and show to you later.

The second request comes from Singular Stitches, and she is asking for "a pictorial tour of [the] special place that you go to create your wonderful stitched creations."

I can't answer this one because I can't take a photograph of this place.
I like to stitch anywhere at home, but my favourite place it's outside, but I don't have a garden to stitch.

2 comentarios:

laura dijo...

Eiii aquest revés està genial. Ja m'hagués agradat que el meu danès fos tan pulcre com el teu. En fi, el danès i l'anglès.

an_drea dijo...

Uuuii , quan t'enseñi el revés del Mystic Stitch , t'espantaràs jeje.
La veritat es que faig una mica de trampes quan bordo, així que faig servir un danès una mica acatalanat jeje.
Hauré d'apuntar-me a les classes de Mayté per deixar de fer trampes.

L'anglès no l'he probat mai de fer, sé com és però no m'hi he possat encara.