Stitcher's World Cup Progress

This cat it's growing up! Hehehe

I have to buy one colour that I don't have, but I hope to finish it this weekend.

¡Este gato va creciendo! Jejeje

Tengo que comprar un color que me falta, pero espero terminarlo este fin de semana.

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Stitch or no stitch dijo...

Hi Bea,

I'm so glad you use Babel Fish as I enjoy reading your blogs.

Your World Cup Cat is a real cutie. Do you watch all the matches? I thought we wouldn't be able to see the matches here but we discovered today that we can on ESPN and watched the match between The Netherlands (we lived in Holland until 2000) & Ivory Coast. So happy we won!!!!!

Twinings sure makes great teas don't they. Have you ever tried their Lady Grey?


laura dijo...

Déu n'hi do, ja el tens a punt de caramel. A veure si compres el material que et falta i l'acabes. Tinc ganes de veure'l enllestit.