Mi flor

Recojo la pregunta que nos hace Rosa en su blog, ¿qué flor eres?
Y este es el resultado:

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You stand up for what you believe in, even if it gets in the way of what other people think. You are proud of yourself and your accomplishments and you enjoy letting people know that."

La verdad es que me gusta más la flor de Rosa, pero esta no la conocía y es bonita también jeje.
En cuanto a la descripción... han acertado, en parte, sobra la última parte.

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latietarosa dijo...

NO creo mucho en estas cosas, pero lo ví en un blog y me hizo gracia.
Tu puedes er la flor que quieras ;-)

Stitch or no stitch dijo...
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Stitch or no stitch dijo...

I can't figure this out. Tried to upload a comment 5 times on your top blog but it won't accept it. Here's the original.
Just wrote you a comment and did something wrong so it didn't publish. Here goes another try.

Loved reading your answers to the 25 questions. Your puppies are absolutely adorable and I can well imagine they're your favorite until now. Too bad it's too warm to work on 'Flower Pedler' as this is another beautiful piece. Do you work on smaller projects in the heat or do something completely different like reading?


Stitch or no stitch dijo...

Here I am again. That 'comment deleted' was me as I was testing. Should have just left it as is as 'deleted' looks worse than a testing comment. Sorry about that!!!

While I'm at it - I also did your cute flower test and I'm a snapdragon.


an_drea dijo...

Don't Worry Margaret, Blogger is problematic sometimes... Iwould like to try to change to wordpress...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments. In the heat I can't do anything hehe, so I don't stitch usually, because I need light. If it's at day I have blind closed, and if It's at night I need artificial light, but it's so so hot...
But I stitch some smaller projects like pieces to Round Robin, that I have to send out in a limited date.

When I can't stitch, sometimes I read at night, but now in summer, I go to the beach at the morning.


Anónimo dijo...
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